If I look at my backyard, than should it be possible to hangout a half size G5RV. Back to the workbench to create another antenna. From the famous sticks I made my feeder. From the twice 7,70m, one side hangs horizontal and the other 30 degrees to the ground. The feeder goes with 2m coax to the tuner in my caravan. I noticed that without a tuner the SWR comes below 1:3. But with the wonderbox (Auto ATU) works it very well. On 40m the signals are stronger than the 2x6,5m dipole, but on the higher bands I noticed no difference. Again let it hang for a while and try it out.
This experiment looks hope full. If I see what I can work I conclude that only on 40m the signals are stronger, but on my favorite band 20m (mostly in BPSK) there is no difference.

The map below shows the QSO I made with the half size G5RV and only 10W output.
Download Half size G5RV as pdf: Half size G5RV.pdf