What a problem being a ham and antennas. We really want to have an antenna with the size of a rubberduck but with the gain of full size 5 element beam. The reality is very often completely different. Many of us hams live in a family home with a small backyard. Me too, I live in a beautiful house with a backyard that measures 17m. Because I want to be QRV on HF in a short time. I dropped a 17m wire from the attic to the rear end of my garden. The matching unit was a SG230 tuner. As a counterpoise I used a 10mm˛ thick wire connected to the rain pipe. During the minimum of solar activity the 40m band is the best possibility to work on. But on 20m the results where also not too bad.
The disadvantage of an endfed antenna is TVI and BCI but also my own PC monitor has some problems with my HF signal. While I only use maximum power of 10 Watts. But I do need my monitor to be active on PSK31 (HI). It's an easy antenna, but not the one I will be using to the end of days. That the moment that I started experimenting with some different antennas. The articles on the left are showing the different antennas I build and tested in my backyard and during field day and vacation activities.

But remember, the best antenna is that antenna where you most satisfied with.